This app does not function anymore, because car2go stopped support

The app that finds the closest available car2go for the selected city. Versions for:

  • Windows phone 8+
  • Windows store


  • The only car2go search app providing up to date availability of charging stations in Amsterdam
  • Suitable for making reservations
  • Current reservation can be cancelled
  • Your most recent location is saved automatically
  • Optionally set location manually
  • Once authorised for making reservations, your credentials are saved in the app context, nowhere else
  • You can verify your authorisation status
  • English, German, Italian or Dutch user interface
  • Automatic detection of new cities
  • Parking lots/charging stations with availability
  • Optionally show operating area
  • Can NOT be used to open cars or to start and end the rent

Configurable options:

  • Show 1 to 9 available car2gos / parking lots / charging stations
  • Select the city
  • Allow GPS
  • Follow position while you walk or drive
  • Search after locate automatically
  • Auto zoom on found objects
  • This product uses the car2go API but is not endorsed or certified by car2go
  • Internet access, either WIFI or mobile network, is required
  • No personal information is gathered nor shared
  • Your location is used to determine the nearest cars only
  • Amsterdam charging stations (City of Amsterdam, supplied by Essent) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • German translation courtesy of Vlad Arghir
  • Italian translation courtesy of Davide Primarosa

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